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GIGABYTE views corporate social responsibility as its duty and obligation. We emphasize integrity, self-discipline and legal compliance, and strive for excellence in all facets of our business. We are deeply aware that the success of GIGABYTE depends on the perception of our stakeholders such as the public. It is not only the products that the public cares about, but more importantly, the less-mentioned information behind the products, such as environmental impacts of our manufacturing process, energy use and how we treat our employees. In 2014, several food safety scandals not only brought harm to the public but also stained companies’ reputation, which further strengthen our believe in sustainability. We believe that sustainability begins with sustaining best practices. In addition, sustainability has to be communicated outside the company, hence the setting up of our corporate social responsibility website. On this website you can learn the efforts GIGABYTE has made towards better development in terms of economic, environmental and social sustainability. In addition, it allows you to provide important feedback and help us improve our sustainability projects.

Talent is GIGABYTE's biggest asset in innovation and development. We have established a complete system to "select, train, utilize and retain" talented employees. We value employee health and women's rights, and continue to organize a variety of art and cultural seminars to provide leisure activities. This has gained recognition from both our employees and the government. At our headquarters in Xindian, we have built a "Sustainable Eco Roof" and set a precedent within Taiwan's enterprises. It offers our employees a space to relax and practice urban farming. Since its completion more than one year ago, the Sustainable Eco Rooftop has gained attention from the industry, government and academia, and is expected to drive positive development.

GIGABYTE Education Foundation, founded 12 years ago, is interconnected with GIGABYTE's core business and is committed to technological education. The "Digital Love Computer Class" organized throughout last year used information technology expertise to serve information minority groups, including the elderly and the spouse immigrants in the metropolitan area. The class assists them to be part of the digital world and opens another window in life for them. Furthermore, realizing the long-term unequal agricultural production-marketing structure in Taiwan, the foundation has launched direct sales of "environmentally-friendly" agricultural products for group buying within the corporation. This not only benefits the farmers but also assures food quality for the employees. It creates a safe connection and a win-win model "between production and consumption".

We have persisted in promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction, and developing related strategies. Since the launch of organizational greenhouse gas audit in 2010, we have set our annual carbon reduction targets and achieved good results via measures such as electricity savings, a Green Action Plan, employee education, establishing energy-saving habits and improving factory energy efficiency. However, meeting and exceeding our target did not lead to complacency. Instead, we have doubled our goal to an ambitious 40% carbon reduction by 2020. In the meantime, we will continue to carry out projects that improve energy and resource efficiency, implement clean production, strengthen green supply chain management, develop low-carbon technology, promote green products and consumption, and provide reliable green brands for consumers.

GIGABYTE's efforts have received considerable attention. In 2014, we received three sustainability awards, testifying to the public's recognition of our efforts towards sustainable development and our willingness to disclose non-financial information. We endeavor to achieve even greater perfection and integrate sustainable development into our core business to exert real corporate impact. With innovation and technology, GIGABYTE aims to uphold the social enterprise spirit to make a better society and environment.

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